Welcome To Fur Clemt

The Real Junk Food Project - Wigan

Fur Clemt is a local term meaning 'Very Hungry' a perfect name for Wigan's real junk food project ensuring wasted food reaches our community #feedbelliesnotbins

Why we do what we do

What we do

Food waste is a growing problem in the UK and across the world. We aim to reduce edible food reaching landfill by making it available to our community. click here to see our feature on the BBC


Why we do it

1/3 of all food produced is wasted, much of it is still fit for human consumption. By intercepting this valuable commodity before it reaches landfill we can ensure our community have access to fresh healthy food. See us on the Wigan Public Health Report video here

         People Department https://youtu.be/XvBF7L0uVb4


Find us at Central Park, Montrose Ave, Norley Hall, Wigan WN5 9XL

Part of 'The Real Junk Food Project'